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Weddings are one of the biggest events for any family, surely the most important event for the bride and the groom, dream come true for the parents and a fun filled gatherings for distant family members and friends.

A wedding is an amalgamation of rituals, dressup, dreams, laughter, comfort, food, etc, the list is endless and so are the things to be planned. Now that you are super excited about the D day approaching, the heart also tickles if everything will go right.

Ever thought how a checklist can do wonders in helping sail through the ocean of wedding planning with flying colours. Like us are your also thinking who needs a checklist for weddings? Let us reiterate - If there is one event that definetly needs a checklist, it would be weddings.


  • - It helps you stay organised
  • - They help you delegate
  • - They help you pursue what’s pending
  • - They help you stay focussed and not miss a thing
  • - And most importantly, they help you enjoy your wedding

Always wondered why some weddings are planned to the point? Checklist.

Guess why at some weddings, everything seems to go like clockwork? Checklist.

Guess how they remembered to call everyone who mattered, pose for pictures as if they have been practising it for over a month? Checklist.

Guess how the pick-ups never missed a guest, the food never ran out, and both families looked stress-free as if they were attending someone else’s wedding? Checklist.

indian wedding checklist

Now let’s get to have you making your ultimate wedding checklist.

With 6 months to go:

  1. Finalise your wedding budget
  2. Plan and agree on the number of wedding ceremonies the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies you will have
  3. Book the wedding hall or wedding venue. Be sure that your wedding hall is booked for a duration that will comfortably include all the ceremonies that will be part of the pre-wedding celebrations, the wedding itself and the wedding reception. Make sure the wedding hall has the required capacity and desired amenities. Look for a checklist while selecting your perfect wedding hall
  4. Start Looking after yourself and establish a fitness routine
  5. Make a guest list and start informing people in advance who need to book their travel

With 5 months to go:

  1. Plan your wedding shopping
  2. Engage an event planner or start booking your vendors – decorator, florist, caterer, ceremony musicians, wedding band, DJ for the reception, priest and photographer
  3. Start getting into the details of Wedding planning, plan your mandap decoration, colour theme, flower arrangements etc
  4. Plan a proper stay for your guests, by booking an appropriate hotel at a comfortable distance to the wedding venue
  5. Book transportation for the bride and the guests – write down every pick up and drop separately
  6. Start looking for your perfect Wedding outfit
  7. Choose your make-up artist – decide on your look, hair and accessories

With 4 months to go:

  1. Begin your research for the dream honeymoon destination
  2. Plan the dates and make all bookings in advance
  3. Do have a look if you need to apply for visa etc, keep time at hand and plan ahead
  4. Decide on the food menu with your parents and in-laws for the wedding functions and ceremonies
  5. Plan your pre wedding shoot, choose for the dates, photographer, appropriate location, outfit etc

With 3 months to go:

  1. Finalise the design of your wedding invitation
  2. Start putting together your trousseau for the different pre-wedding, wedding, reception and post-wedding events
  3. Plan for a colour theme for each wedding cermony and instruct all the close family memnbers accordingly
  4. Bring the family together and check out if everyone’s wedding trousseau is in place
  5. Deligate roles to each family member, making them responsible for taking care of the pick up and drop, caterer, wedding decoration, lighting etc.

With 2 months to go:

  1. Send out the invitations, and personally inform the guests of importance
  2. Its hightime to start your pre bridal regime, get your girlfriends working by breifing them to take care of all your needs on your big day
  3. Revisit your checklist to see if you have missed anything
  4. Spend sometime to review all your bookings and reconnecting with the vendors to make sure everything is on track

With 1 month to go:

  1. Create an online wedding platform – a wedding microsite
  2. Build your wedding hashtag
  3. Start sharing your Pre-wedding story and Save The Date
  4. Plan, book and buy your return gifts for your guests
  5. Have a final wedding hall walkthrough and understand its layout. See if you have missed out anything or want to make any changes to your decoration plans. Take your decorator and your wedding photographer with you

With weeks to go:

  1. Get your trial make-up done
  2. Make music lists – ideally make separate ones for your Engagement, Sangeet, other pre-wedding ceremonies, wedding, post-wedding ceremonies and your reception
  3. Check with your family and friends if they are up to their assigned tasks or not
  4. Do your salon visit
  5. Break in your new footwear
  6. Pack your bags
  7. Lastly enjoy your wedding to the fullest

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