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What makes up a great New Year's Eve party? A great venue or banquet hall with lots of parking and all facilities, a DJ, a great music selection, a fantastic food and beverage menu AND, PARTY GAMES! Why games? Because games bring the night come alive in a different perspective. Whether your guests are family or friends with members across age groups or just a pure adult group, party games always bring the fun quotient on and make your party memorable.

Here are some of our favourite party games that you can have at your New Year’s Eve party, irrespective of the age of your guests.

  • Conversation Starter Cards for New Year's Eve

    Expecting a quiet crowd? How about a conversation starter game? Here’s what you do. Make cue cards with words such as “Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year", "Best Move of the Year", “Best thrill of the year” and so on. Your guests will pick a random card and share their experience based on the cue.
  • Two Resolutions and a Lie

    Each quest will state three resolutions, one of which is a lie. The others are to figure out which resolution is the lie!
  • Champagne Relay Race

    Who will be the first to fill up their champagne flute from a big bowl of bubbly? What’s the catch? You can only use a teaspoon to transfer the liquid into your glass.
  • End of the Year Charades Game

    Make a list of all major events from the current year. Pick all and any events from politics, culture, music, why even inside jokes from your friends’ group! Write each event down on a piece of paper, throw them all into a bowl for a ‘picking of a lot’ and get started with a lively game of charades.
  • Name That Tune 2019

    Divide the guests into teams. Create a playlist of songs from 2019 and let the teams guess the name of the song and the artist! Keep scores.
  • New Year's Eve Photo Booth

    We never tired of photo booths, do we? Set up a killer New Year themed photo booth. Let your guests get snapping away and Instagramming. Look for similar pics.
  • Balloon Countdown

    Balloons can be more than just decoration! Have numbered balloons in your decoration which guests can pick up and burst based on the countdown to the New Year!
  • New Year's Eve Word Game for kids

    Want to keep the kids busy? Just hand out a paper and pencil and have kids make as many words as they can from “Happy New Year”.
  • Fortune Teller

    Let guests have a go at the Fortune Teller table where they can draw one from a collection of cards and see what the New Year holds for them in the New Year. What’s the fun factor? They have to share it with the crowd. So, make the cards hold random wishes, hypothetical thoughts and even, hysterically funny wishes.
  • Ribbon Dancing

    Cut u half the number of ribbons as there are guests. Hold all the ribbons together in the middle. Let each guest grab one end of any ribbon. The person holding the other end will be his/her dance partner. That should make for some unusual pairings!

So now you come to know lots of party game ideas, so plan your New Year Party with us at En Sesha Mahal.

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