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Movie buff? Then you would certainly love the idea of Bollywood themed wedding and party. Not a movie buff? There’s still so much to draw inspiration from in the movies and incorporate those into your own Chennai wedding. Here are our top ideas on how to organise that Bollywood themed wedding.

  • Get everyone into the loop

    The success of any themed party depends on its guests. So, make sure every guest you invite knows what is expected of them. Send out pre-wedding invites and make sure they understand the theme by speaking with them personally. It would be fun to have each guest make their appearance dressed up as a Bollywood celebrity for your party, isn’t it? We think it would be cool to announce the wedding filmy style too. What say?
  • Turn it into a fun evening

    Award shows are crowd pleasers. Host an award show involving your guests. You could have a number of awards beginning with the best dancer, best dressed male, best dressed female, best kid, best hairdo… whatever suits the crowd.
  • Bring on the spirit of the theme

    Make sure the décor is all Bollywood. Make movie-like posters of yourself and your partner, life-sized cut-outs, danglers… everything Bollywood. Also make sure you and your partner definitely rehearse and perform to a medley of songs from your favourite Bollywood movies too. Make sure your guests also know the protocol for the dance floor.
  • Don’t miss the Photobooth

    Photobooths remain the biggest draw at weddings, parties and receptions. Your Bollywood themed photobooth is going to be quite something if you can pull it off and is going to be quite an entertainer. Imagine all those amazing Instagram pics you are going to have from your guests!
  • Up the glam quotient

    The more glam you make your wedding, the better it will be especially since we are talking Bollywood theme. How about you ditch the horse and pick a vintage car for the baraat? That would be cool and oh so impressive right?
  • Make a grand entry

    You and your partner are the hero and heroine of your life. So, go ahead and add drama to your entry to the wedding party. Think of flower showers, fireworks, friends and cousins dressed up in matching clothing to welcome you… the list is endless.
  • Make a movie

    If you are going to base your wedding on the Bollywood theme, then you might as well make a movie. Fill your movie with lots of song, dance, speeches, awards, conversations, amazing moments with your partner… make every moment count, record everything and you could edit it to the best movie you have ever seen!

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