Wedding Hall Prices In Chennai

Wedding Hall Prices In Chennai

Finding your dream wedding hall is as much a task in itself as much as finding your wedding attire. Wedding halls should be considered an integral part of the wedding as you are about to begin a new journey with your better-half at that place. Finding a wedding hall or event hall in Chennai during the wedding season can be a tough haul if you are not prepared in advance so with all our heartiest congratulations to you for the wedding, here are a few tips we'd like to give you on making the most out of the selection process of finding your perfect wedding venue!

So you've done the due diligence of asking your friends and relatives, searching for a place on Google, reviewing the customer feedbacks, location proximity and the initial bit of listing down the places that you would like to visit in order to narrow down and find the best wedding hall in Chennai! Now, here are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of the visit you are planning to make at these places before finalizing your perfect wedding hall for all the ceremonies.

  1. Make an appointment:

    Before you drop by, make sure that you take an appointment with the venue manager so that they can schedule a time to be available at the venue in order to help you with the recce. Sometimes, the art of getting the best services out from brands/ businesses is to show you value time and establish a connect.
  2. Purpose of the booking:

    Always be clear on the purpose of the booking the hall. Inform with the booking manager about the function for which you are visiting the venue for e.g. wedding, anniversary, birthday party or any other event. Also make sure to inform about all the extended ceremonies or associated functions like mehendi, sangeet etc. Be specific in terms of your requirements of the area, the avaible open space, the number of people the wedding hall can accommodate, how big is the dining area, number of parking slots available or the rooms as per your requirement etc.
  3. Go with a budget in mind:

    Fix a budget prior to making the calls and listing down the wedding venues and make sure the hall suits your budget for the number of days/hours you intend to rent if for. Be flexible of course as sometimes paying a little less or little more can get you the most satisfying deal along with the best wedding hall in town.
  4. Know your venue coordinators:

    Ensure to meet the venue coordinators for your event and understand their roles and responsilbities. Make sure to know how each cordinator can help you on your wedding day. Exactly know whom to reach for various important tasks/issues like electricity, catering, arragement or any other ad hoc requirements. Generally each venue has one primary point of contact along with multiple sub cordinators for each task. Ensure that you speak to them and collect their contact numbers for any emergencies. Make sure to assign the responibilty of cordination to someone from family or friends who can cordinate on ground for any situation. After all, you wouldn't want to see your friends and family members in hassle on your big day!
  5. Hall amenities:

    Try to find out the list of facilities your wedding provides. Make sure to check if they have a kitchen? Is it operational or spacious enough to incorporate your cateres requirements? Do they have enough parking? Or has a separate service lift or back gate for the material inflow and outflow.
  6. Always ask for a Plan B:

    If your party/event is in an open space or roof top garden like Raghu Roof Garden by En Sesha Mahal, then try to check what is the backup plan. Do they have arrangements in case of heavy rains or thunder. Make sure to ask if there is any indoor venue available to move function in such a situation and also check for any additional charges for the same.
  7. Associated Vendors:

    Most wedding halls have several associated vendor for each requirement like decorators, event management companies, catering services, cleaning specialists, musicians, florists, photographers etc. You can conveniently look for such associated vendors to get a quote for their services based on your requirements. Picking an associated vendor has its own benefits as they will be well familiar with the place and its working arragments, will have things readily available based on the area, accommodating space, etc making your life simpler. Ensure to clarify the vendor list provided by the hall is not mandatory if you already have preferred vendors.
  8. Communicate:

    Talk about all your expectations from the venue coordinator and make sure that they take physical notes of your requirements. Make a copy of that for yourself to keep things in order, ensuring you don't miss anything thing.
  9. Touring and Planning:

    Walk around every bit of the space you are renting, click pictures on the go. The pictures will help you to plan your functions appropriately. Mark your pictures in order to plan different fuctions with different backgrounds in order to maximum utilization of the space. Walk around to find out all the gates, lifts, stairways or lobby in order to guide your guests at the day of wedding.
  10. Things to note down:

    Write down names, contact numbers for all the cordinators at the venue. Keep a note of number of rooms avaible for use, map the parking slots, area allocated for other work, setup arrangements and worker movement. Cross-verify everything with the venue coordinator before you sign up or take leave.
  11. Bring a Cheque Book/Cash/Credit Card:

    Good venues get booked even up to a year or more in advance. So be sure to book it on the spot if you like it. A little heads up! Our dates at En Sesha Mahal gets booked for weddings on an average of 6 months in advance.
  12. Terms, Conditions & Policies:

    Make sure you understand the terms and conditions put forth by the wedding hall coordinator. Read all documents before you sign on the check or paying any amount. Ask questions and clarify any doubts you may have to make sure both parties are on the same page.
  13. Cancellation/Rescheduling and Refund:

    Understand the policies of the wedding venue on cancellation, rescheduling, and refund before putting down the initial deposit.
  14. File everything:

    Label and file every estimate, invoice, menu, pamphlet, vendor details and offers provided by the wedding hall and so on for clarity, reference and easy access.

Now that you know how to gain maximum advantage from your wedding venue, you can start planning and arranging for your dream wedding. The most important thing of all is to dream big and plan big! Have fun and don’t forget us to check out En Sesha Mahal for your wedding venue requirements.

Wedding Hall Prices In Chennai

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