Get Your Wedding Trending with these Wedding Hashtag Tips

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Weddings today are as much online as they are offline. Whether you are having a destination wedding or one in a wedding hall in Chennai city, you can’t do without that online buzz and support, simply because of the convenience, community and speed of notifying someone you want that online platforms provide.

So, let’s say, you have got your wedding invitation out there on your social handles, you have even created an event with a save the date, may be but here’s one thing you shouldn’t overlook – creating your own wedding hashtag. So why wedding hashtags? The simple answer is, it helps you find all of your pictures posted by guests and, save them. Hashtags simply help auto-organise your pictures under one handle and make them available to all concerned. Besides, having a hashtag helps you create your own brand of a wedding! Cool, huh? Wedding hashtags also motivate guests to click more pictures and upload them.

How to make your own wedding hashtag.

Start with your names:

Try out hashtags with both your names, with the date added to make it unique.

Use pet names:

If you want your Sangeet to be pure fun, you need to handover the arrangements and responsibilities to an outsider. Choose a Wedding/Event Planner who can co-ordinate everything – the DJ, the music, the food, the theme décor, the bar and bartenders, celebrity invitees and their management… all within your budget.

The theme

If you are known by your pet names, use those. They are endearing.

Go Whacky:

It’s your hashtag and your wedding, so go and have some fun out there, try mixing up your names to come up with a funky hashtag. Giving people an additional reason to remember your Wedding Date

Reflect your personalities:

A hashtag can also be a reflection of both of your personalities. It is not necessary that it has to be witty, but a simple, functional and to the point hashtag will also do. But if you do choose to get punny, well that’s cool too.

Avoid easy misspellings:

If letters repeat themselves like say, AnithaAndDharun, it can lead to confusion for the people using them. May be a simple switch could solve your issue, for example, DharunAndAnitha. Howzaat!

Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word:

Since you will be using a string of words, it is ideal to capitalise TheFirstLetterOfEachWord, doing which will help set each word apart.

Check the wedding hashtag:

Once you created your hashtag, go online and check if it exists. If it does, simply go back to the drawing board and start over. After all, your hashtag needs to be unique and be yours and yours only.

Spread the word:

Let people know that you are using a hashtag. Add it to the invitations, print it on coasters, put in the photobooth, on the return gifts...

Don't overthink it:

It’s a hashtag, not your Ph.D. thesis. Don’t overthink it.

Still drawing a blank? You are allowed to call up your friends for suggestions, talk to youngsters hooked to social media or even generate them online. There! We’ve told you everything you need to create that perfect wedding hashtag that’s your very own.

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