How to choose the right venue for your wedding in Chennai?

Best Wedding hall in Chennai

Best Wedding Hall in Chennai

As beautiful, fun and moving as weddings are, they are a lot of work. They take months of planning, buying, organising, asking, giving, shopping, venue hunting and what not!

A marriage venue or the wedding hall is the first thing every family starts working on once the wedding dates are finalised. Every family goes ‘wedding hall hunting’ with a whole list of must-haves. Whether you are having an intimate, private ceremony or a lavish social event, what are these must-haves your wedding venue should have? Well, we have zeroed in on 8 important things to look for in a wedding hall.

a) A Game Changer:

Be sure to choose a wedding hall that stand out in the way it looks. Remember, a boring hall is a boring hall. No amount of decorating it will give you the effect you are looking for.

b) The Capacity:

How many people are there on your guest list? Will it be a sit-down gathering or a floating crowd? Choose a hall that can take in a little more people than there are on your guest list. Because having that extra breathing space will make all the difference when the crowd is at its peak, for example the Muhurtham time.

c) Location:

Covenience to reach the venue for you and your family members is very important. The venue should be located at a familiar or popular place which easily accessible to your guests. None likes to hunt for the venue when they are decked up. Being in an appropriate location is an improtant criteria for your choosen wedding venue.

d) The Hall layout:

The wedding hall needs to cater to the different sub-events and ceremonies that go into a wedding.

The hall needs to be able to demarcate areas for your ceremonies, reception and so on. No two ceremonies are the same.

So, make sure your wedding hall can offer you both layout and seating options. Do not settle for a venue that cannot promise you that.

e) Parking:

Weddings are as much about your guests’ convenience as it is yours. Having ample parking should be one of your top priorities when choosing a wedding venue.

It would mean a lot to your guests to know that you’ve thought about their convenience along with yours.

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f) Wedding catering:

Some wedding halls have their own preferred wedding caterers, others let you engage your own favourites. Ask. Do make it a point to visit the kitchen facilities and understand the equipment that is available for your use.

g) Decorator:

Most halls also have their own approved decorators. Speak to the decorator to see if he matches your expectations. Ask to see his prior works. Discuss your requirements with the decorator and see if can match your expectations. The last thing you want is a shoddy decoration at your wedding.

h) The Dining Area:

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Is it air-conditioned or not? How many does it seat? Does it carry forward the look and feel of the hall or is it just another space with chairs and tables?

It is ideal if the dining area looks, by design, like an extension of the wedding hall.

Because, where you serve your guests matters as much as what you serve.

i) Testimonials:

Go online and offline, check out comments and views left behind by the wedding hall’s previous clientele. That should help you get a clearer picture of the hall you are booking for you special day!

Now that you know what to look for in a wedding venue, go looking.

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