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Organizing any event whether it is a wedding, birthday party or anniversary, takes a whole lot of effort than anyone can think they can handle. From maintaining guest lists to sending out invitations to choosing the flowers and decorations the to do list is endless. It also needs a lot of last minute crsis management like adding a pin and tuck to a curtain when the event is about to start or running around to find a new handkerchief for the groom and what not. And we can totally undertsand the pressure of creating that perfect event, because all your friends, relatives and colleagues will be attending the same, talking about it for what seems to be a lifetime.

So how do you cut your event execution pressure by half and yet pull the best stunt ever in organising the perfect event? Take our advice; it is a simple thing called choosing a smart and exciting Banquet Hall, Event Hall or Wedding Hall, call it what you will.

Following are some of the advantages of booking a banquet hall for any event:

  1. Space

    Banquet Halls are generally well organised, spacious and equipped with facilities like wash rooms, electricity, lighting, lifts, parking area, kitchen, etc.
  2. Manpower

    Banquet Hall has well trained staff which can assist you in various activities to make a successful event. Whenever you need any assistance they are always there to guide you and responsible for conducting various activities during event. There is a main coordinator who will be responsible for whole event and will be your point of contact. You can discuss with him all your expectations/requirements and accordingly he will delegate the work among his team members.
  3. Catering

    Banquet halls generally have tie-ups with the caterers and they can recommend you with the best caterers. You have an option to hire those, can always ask them for discounts and in this way to can save your time and effort in searching catering services outside.
  4. Decor

    Banquet Halls have decorators signed up with them. Simply go over your requirement with the decorator regarding lightning styles, colour combinations, flower options, chandeliers, add-ons, garlands, curtains, photo booths. They instantly take charge of creating that perfect environment for you without you having to stand around.
  5. Cleaning & Maintenance

    Once, your event gets over then it is the responsibility of banquet hall staff for all cleanliness. Banquet halls are sticklers for cleanliness and maintenance so you do not have to worry even if some of your guests have messed up!
  6. Budget-Friendly Service

    Booking a banquet hall for your event can even save a lot of money. The banquet hall manager can offer the bouquet of services to you at a cost you will find it hard to beat if you were to handpick your runners, caterers and others.
  7. Accommodation

    Marriage halls generally have accommodation facilities befitting their stature for the bride, groom and guests wanting to stay over. It is not only great to have your close friends and relatives staying with you prior to your wedding or event, the facility will also be purse-friendly. Compared to putting up guests at your home or some hotel and then organising transportation for them to get to the venue, getting rooms in the wedding hall itself helps not just your budget but also in making the celebration more fun.
  8. Perfect for Night Event

    Banquet Halls make a great choice for late evening events where there could be loud music, DJ, etc. Banquet Halls give you the freedom to play music as you please and handle very boisterous groups of guests too! It is only in a banquet hall that you can sing, dance and make merry without disturbing the neighbourhood
  9. Location

    If you book the banquet hall in a location which is easily accessible for all your guests then also it is beneficial for you. You can expect maximum guests attending your event.

    Also, sometimes it is located in the city, but it feels like a place far off the maddening crowd and fits your budget– just like the EnSesha.
  10. Secured Environment

    Banquet Halls are run by people who know their stuff and are vigilant. They miss nothing which means to you and your guests are safe and taken care of once inside.
  11. Back up plans

    If you have booked a banquet hall which is in open area then also you do not have to worry about rains, thunders, etc as there are proper back up plans to handle such situations.

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