Avoiding any last minute fiasco - Wedding Day Checklist for the Brides

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Finally, the D-Day has arrived for which you have been waiting, for like a million years now. Seems like only yesterday when you started planning and all that, since the day you got engaged. Now it’s all here and you are all lost, filled with a million emotions at the same time – confused, excited, anxious, scared, happy, nervous, overwhelmed and so much more.

Phew… We understand you girl. That is why we have got you that last minute checklist to help you sail through the day perfectly, like you always dreamt of.

So just sit back, relax, take a deep breath and be ready to rock.

With one week to go, make sure you have taken care of things in advance (the below list should help) to avoid any last minute rush.

  • - Fix your hair colour, get your eyebrows done, do that Manicure/Pedicure too
  • - Avoid trying on any new make up or creams
  • - Give your bridal trousseau a trial once again
  • - Pack your bags for the honeymoon, check and bag all documents, reconfirm your travel itinerary
  • - Share the entire vendor list with contact details to the person incharge from the family to take care of things on the big day

  • - Stay hydrated and keep some juices and energy bars/chocolate handy
  • - Keep your jewellery safe after trial, cleaned and polished
  • - Revisit the wedding menu with your caterer and wedding venue details. Introduce a family member for final day cordination
  • - Practise your walk and wedding dance
  • - Write a small love note to your better half

Night before your wedding day:

So it’s your last night at your home. Put the evening to good use.

  • - Get someone to steam or iron your wedding clothes if needed
  • - Prepare a clutch of personal items you might need handy, like safety pins, lipstick and wipes for quick touch up, handkerchief, basic medicines
  • - Put all bags and suitcases that you want to take to the ceremony or reception in the car
  • - Drink plenty of water, as staying hydrated is the most important thing for a great looking bride
  • - Preserve your bridal glow with a good night’s beauty sleep.

Wedding checklist for your D-day:

  • - Don’t skip the breakfast, remember how important it is to stay hydrated
  • - Prepare your bridesmaids to stay by your side always and take care of all your needs
  • - Try to relax and take deep breaths
  • - Don’t strain yourself by standing too much as you have a long day ahead

  • - Be ready in your home-leaving costume for the photographer. Lay out all the items (rings, invitations, etc.) that you want your photographer to capture
  • - Never forget to get your elders’ blessings
  • - Leave early to the wedding venue.

Right when you are standing outside the gate of the venue, take a moment, close your eyes, bring your right hand to your heart, leave all the anxiety and fear aside and be ready to walk in to your new life with confidence and charisma.

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